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Each project we do is curated to our client's specific needs.
Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding a future project!


When dealing with pier building, we will give you a detailed rundown of what the process looks like, provide a ballpark time frame, as well as a fee schedule and handling any documentation processing. We will complete a county building and zoning application, obtain engineered plans if need be and complete a Duke Energy application and User Agreement. 

A community dock is the most perfect little piece of relaxation. Getting the right documentation for your dreams can be complicated. At Lake Life Permits, we're here to make your building process fly with ease. 



Dredging is the process of removing material from a body of water. To make this happen, you'll find many documents and applications to be filed. No need to fret, Lake Life Permits has you covered and stress free from all the paperwork!

Each Lake has its own nuances. The process is not identical. Will walk our client through the process, updating on time frames. Complete a DENR (Department of Environmental and Natural Resources) application. This application requires a site plan sketch and several other supporting documentation.  Once this state approval is issued we will also complete a Duke application and User Agreement.



Marinas, large community docks, kayak/canoe drop ins, etc., we can help you with anything. Commercial usage is complicated, that's why we want to help you. Each project is unique, this process can be lengthy but we will figure out a solution. Please reach out for more details or any questions!

When tackling the task of building a marina, there's some specific steps that need to be taken. We work with real estate teams and teach mini sessions to help answer and give direction on great resources for commonly asked questions regarding marine construction on our lakes 


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